Drinking Straws Cleaning Brush CocoStraw -- BPA FREE -- 1 Nylon Bristle Fits Coffee Shop Green Star Straws straw cleaner for washing SS drink straws, tea pot spout, glass bottles, mini, micro, pipe

$ 3.99 $ 9.99

  • BPA Free Bristles for deep Cleaning any small area - tea pot spouts, glass bottles,
  • Perfect for cleaning Starbucks Straws & CocoStraw reusable Stainless Steel Drinking Straws + plastic drink straws
  • Universal Cleaner for all types of straws, Washes clean every time. Long Lasting, stainless steel handle, washable nylon bristles
  • 7.5" long 1/4" wide bristles, cleans silicon straw & thermos, sports bottles,sippy cups - Won't Rust
  • Great for cleaning crevices in juicers and other kitchen appliances such as omega vitamix and champion brands

CocoStraw Brand Handy Cleaning Brush for all small spaces around the house! Perfect for our CocoStraw reusable Stainless Steel Drinking Straws. -- Nylon Bristles are long lasting and wash clean every time. metal handle for easy use- won't rust! .. great for cleaning kitchen appliances with small crevices such as juicers and blenders. Even great for auto detailing. -- brush is 7.5" long. bristles are 1/4" wide - the perfect fit for our steel drink straws. We also have multi-packs available, buy more and save!-- works great with Starbucks straws for their reusable plastic to-go cups - either the plastic straw the cup comes with, or try our Stainless Steel Replacement straw- just like the Starbucks straw! same size.

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