14 x14 Non-Stick Silicone Fruit Leather Ultra Premium Sheet: use with Excalibur 5 or 9 tray Dehydrators
Bright Kitchen

14 x14 Non-Stick Silicone Fruit Leather Ultra Premium Sheet: use with Excalibur 5 or 9 tray Dehydrators

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  • Made with high grade silicone for excellent non-stick properties.
  • Fits all 29XX, 39XX, 25XX and 35XX model Excalibur dehydrators including ALL 9 & 5 tray models.
  • Non-Toxic, safest to use while heating food rather than plastic or Teflon.
  • No-Teflon. These sheets do not use teflon, they are SAFE & Non-Toxic Silicone. Cheaper Sheets use PTFE (Teflon) that is harmful!

14" X 14" Dehydrator Sheet- Fits All 9 and 5 Tray Excalibur Dehydrators Models. Fits other brands as well that use a 14 x 14 tray.

New and Improved! Non-stick, odorless, Non-Toxic, BPA-Free, Teflon-Free. These are SAFE Silicone Sheets, The Natural alternative to other sheets such as Teflon that are harmful! Great for making Fruit Leather, Fruit Roll Ups, Flax Crackers, Raw Crusts and Wraps, Drying Herbs. These are SOLID sheets without holes, so nothing will fall through the cracks. Perfect for any liquid based batter or small herbs that would fall through the mesh of a dehydrator tray.  Natural fruit leather is so EASY - simply puree your favorite fruit in a blender and pour onto these Bright Kitchen Sheets! Dry in your dehydrator and !Viola! Whole Food Plant Based Snacking Super Nutrition!  Flax crackers are a breeze too: blend up flax seeds and water and pour on the sheets! Really, thats all it takes! You can also add your favorite cracker flavors in the blender with the water and seeds such as herbs, nutritional yeast (for a raw cheezy flavor), or other nuts and seeds. Then simply pour on the sheets, put in dehydrator over night  and BANG!  you've got nutrition to go. And at a FRACTION of the cost of store bought natural treats. Flax crackers in the store are SO overpriced, make them at home for pennies on the dollar!

These sheets can also be used as baking sheets in the oven up to 350 degrees. These sheets use high grade silicone for great non-stick properties. They are easy to clean and can be used time and time again. 14" x 14" size. Bright Kitchen brands is the leader in accessories for all brands of dehydrators, cookers, blenders, juicers, and more!

Great for drying fruit, banana chips, apple chips, flax cracker, sesame seed cookies, raw pizza crusts, raw coconut wraps, herbs, spices, fruit leather, power bar / nutrition bars, raw protein bars, and SO MUCH MORE!