2 PACK - Apple Corer Lever Tool by BRIGHT KITCHEN Stainless Steel Pear Fruit Seed Remover Cherry Red Grip with Serrated Blade

$ 9.99

  • 2 PACK! - 2 for the price of 1! The EASIEST way to core Apples and Pears - This clever gadget pushes into the fruit and then opens up to release the unwanted core. Ergonomic Durable handle gives a stable grip for pressing and twisting the tool with ease.
  • BRIGHT KITCHEN Quality - FOOD GRADE Stainless Steel. Serrated Edge effortlessly punctures through the skin and fruit to separate the seeds and core.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Dishwasher safe. Will last for many years of saving you prep time!
  • SAVE TIME - Great for prepping Juicing, Blending, Dehydrating, Salads, Desserts. Why Waste time? This tool is a breeze to use, time to toss out your old dull apple slicer tool that never worked quite right!
  • LARGE diameter will remove seeds and core from all sizes and styles of Apples= Big & Small, Red & Green and everything in-between !

2 Pack! Receive 2 Apple Corers

Bright Kitchen Lever Apple Corer Tool is the EASIEST and FASTEST way to remove the unwanted core from Apples and Pears.

*Speed up your Prep time!

Why waste time when prepping Apples? Weve all struggled to press down an unsharp apple slicer or wasted fruit with uneven knife cuts - NO MORE! The new Bright Kitchen Lever Apple Corer is a breeze to use.

Save Time when prepping for:





*The Ergonomic handle provides a steady grip, making it a breeze to twist push the tool through the fruit to pull out the core.

*The tool opens and closes like a scissors with a unique lever.

1.PRESS the tool through the center of the Apple or Pear while in the closed position. The Stainless Steel Serrated Edge easily slides through the skin into the fruit.

2.PULL the tool back out and the core separates out cleanly and efficiently - No damage to the fruit!

3.ENGAGE the unique lever with your thumb and the tool opens to release the unwanted center core - the core will NOT get stuck in the center like other corer tools - SIMPLE & EASY.

The tool works effortlessly with all types of Apples and Pears.

GREAT for Juicing and Blending - get the most fruit in your recipes with the least amount of waste. You will only be separating the unwanted center core.

The large diameter of the center shaft will get out all the seeds and inedible center core of all sizes and styles.

**Make perfect shaped Apple Rings for Dehydrating and Fruit Desserts.

Food Grade Stainless Steel will not bend or break, Anti-Rust, NON TOXIC-

Easy to Clean - DISHWASHER SAFE top rack.

TIP: for Apples with a crooked core push the tool in the from the BOTTOM of the fruit.

BRIGHT KITCHEN TOOLS come with a full guarantee - We are not happy until you are!

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