Nut Milk Bag PREMIUM DrawString by Bright Kitchen
Nut Milk Bag PREMIUM DrawString by Bright Kitchen
Bright Kitchen

Nut Milk Bag PREMIUM DrawString by Bright Kitchen

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  • Bright Kitchen PREMIUM Super Fine Nylon Mesh Nut Milk Bag - Heavy Duty Extra Large 1 Gallon Size - 12" wide x 12" high
  • This is our BEST Nut Milk Bag!
  • Great for Making Raw Milks from Nuts and Seeds - Step by Step Instructions Included for making Nut Milk
  • Use for Sprouting Canning Juicing - Durable Duty Drawstring to cinch closed and hand while draining and straining
  • Strain Fresh Juices for extra pulp free goodness. reinforced double stitching for durability and strength
  • Re-Usable, Washable, Nylon won't harbor bacteria, washes clean for many many uses!
  • Bright Kitchen Durable Fine Mesh Nylon Nut Milk Bags.
  • Great for many uses around the healthy kitchen. Straining nut milks from Raw Nuts and Seeds- Almond, Cashews, Sunflower mylk and more. Stop paying for processed packaged milks that have been pasteurized- make your own at home- save $ and ensure it is 100% raw and healthy. ---- Made in the USA from high quality grade Nylon materials- easy to wash clean every time. ------ Extra Large 1 Gallon Size! - 12" wide x 12" high ____ Also use this great bag for straining fresh fruit and vegetable juices to get all the pulp out- especially with masticating juicers-- -- Perfect for sprouting seeds and nuts- canning, making fresh jellies and jams, and more --- Nut Milk recipe and step by step instructions included!!--- Better than cheesecloth! Much Finer mesh, filters out much more pulp --- Reduce your waste footprint by making your own milk- buy nuts and seeds in bulk and filter your own water and you are ready to go- no more preservatives or additives needed! No more empty cartons and bottles to throw away from buying packaged soy, almond milk! ----- sprout your own seeds and legumes- save $ you can grow your own sprouts for a fraction of the price you pay at the store. ------ Durable drawstring can be used for cinching the bag closed and hanging while draining. -- ---Reusable, washable- washes clean every time! Nylon construction won't harbor bacteria ------ made to be used over and over again!-- holds up to rigorous squeezing --- reinforced double stitching for strength and durability.