Centrifugal Juicer Blade Installation Instructions




Centrifugal Juicer Blade Installation Instructions

Easy to Replace - Simply Turn Counterclockwise the white/silver clutch nut screw that is on top of the blade, this clutch nut holds the blade in place. You may have the hold the blade to prevent it from turning as you unscrew the clutch nut.

Once the clutch nut is removed, lift out the old blade and set the new blade in its place. Screw the clutch nut back into position over the blade. Hold the blade to stop it from turning as you tighten the clutch nut by screwing clockwise. You are now ready to get the maximum juice from your produce!


This Blade fits the following machines/ models:

Omega 1000
Omega 9000
ACME 5001
ACME 6001 Supreme Juicerator
Acme Challenger 7001
Imperial Golden Harvest 9901
Waring Pro Kitchen Classics
There are many model #s that have been used with Waring / Acme style juicers, the following list are ALL COMPATIBLE with this blade! You can usually find your juicer's model # on the information label on the back and/or bottom of the unit. These model numbers were sold under different "Brand Names" in the past.
11JE20 11JE21 11JE23 11JE24 11JE30 11JE31 11JE38 11JE45 11JE51 11JE53 11JE72 21JE26 31JE27 31JE34 31JE35 31JE36 31JE37 5001 5001C 5001CQ 5001E 5001Q 5001X 6001 6001C 6001CQ 6001E 6001Q 6001X 7001 7001Q PE101C PE401C PE403C PE411C PE412C PJE101 PJE401 PJE403 PJE411 PJE412 R6001S RJC401

Please note , this blade will NOT work with the Omega 4000 machine.





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