2 Nut Milk Pulp Strainer Bags XL Extra Large (1 gal) + Juicing Recipe eBook "Juicing Start Up Guide"
2 Nut Milk Pulp Strainer Bags XL Extra Large (1 gal) + Juicing Recipe eBook "Juicing Start Up Guide"
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2 Nut Milk Pulp Strainer Bags XL Extra Large (1 gal) + Juicing Recipe eBook "Juicing Start Up Guide"

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  • 2 QTY PACK HEAVY DUTY Extra Large Nut Milk Bags for all straining needs - milks, juices, sprouting, jams
  • NYLON FINE MESH is durable + reusable - Washed clean everytime! Won't harbor mold or bacteria
  • MAKE FRESH RAW NUT MYLKS from your favorite nuts simply and easily - Almonds, Cashews, Pecans + more
  • BPA FREE -- ELASTIC BAND on Nut Milk bag allows it to easily secure to a pitcher, blender, juice collection container, juicer and more to hold while straining liquid through
  • eBOOK - "Juicing Start Up Guide" has over 100 juice recipes, tips on juice feasting & weight loss, how to buy a juicer, cures for common ailments & More!

Includes 2 qty Nut Milk Bags +"Juicing Start Up Guide" eBook -BPA Free Our Nut
Milk Bag XL is the perfect companion to any healthy home. It has multiple uses
and is made to last! Heavy Duty nylon construction withstands use after use,
wash after wash. Stands up to the toughest squeezing. Elastic band on the bag
allows it to easily secure to a pitcher or blender while you pour liquid
through.-Fine Mesh is perfect for straining Raw Nut Milks & Juice Pulp. A must
for masticating juicers - strain out the remaining pulp for super smooth
juice! +Use for Sprouting seeds & wheatgrass -great for keeping seeds moist
but with good airflow to prevent mold.Extra Large size -1 Gallon -big enough
for all needs.-"Juicing Start Up Guide" eBook -SAVE $$ with this Combo
Pack!This helpful eBook will get you started on your new path tho health! With
over 100 Juicing recipes you will have endless ideas for tasty juices!The
biggest mistake made by new juicer owners is that they just buy a bunch of
produce and put it in the juicer.. and then it doesn't taste great, and they
get discouraged about juicing! Would you just throw a bunch of ingredients in
the oven without knowing how they go together?These Recipes are Healthy and
Taste Great! Good for the whole family. The book also explains which nutrients
help with different ailments, so you can tailor your juicing for your specific
health needs. Feel a cold coming on? There's a juice recipe for that!
Arthritis acting up? There's a recipe for that! Topics covered:Juice
Feasting.Juicing for Weight Loss.Juicing as a Lifestyle.Choosing and
maintaining a Juicer.Top mistakes made by the Beginner Juicer and how to avoid
them.Nutrient Content of different Fruits and Vegetables.Juices for Common
Ailments.over 100 Recipes!--We highly recommend this book to anyone from
beginner to experienced juicer alike. If you are about to purchase your first
juicer, this eBook will help you get up and running in no- time!