2 Pcs Alkaline Water Stick,Nano Energy Stick,Alkaline Water Ionizer,Ph 7.9 to 9.5

$ 9.97

  • ph 7.8 to 9.5
  • convenient and portable to take
  • 304# stainless steel
  • make water be alkalined in 10 minutes

Interior of alkaline water filter stick:tourmaline stone,maifanshi-stone,far
infrared stone,namo silver powder,Calcium ion,Stone 1. Alkaline water: Make
the drinking water to be alkaline, neutralizes human body˪s acidic substances
and keep balance of the body system. Maintain a healthy pH figure and protect
liver from the harm that nicotine and alcohol might do. 2. Negative potential
water: Normal water will be adjusted to be negative potential water with an
ORP below than -200mV in about 3-5 minutes. It is a strong anti-oxidant which
removes free radicals, enhance immunity and keep us from aging. 3. Add
beneficial microelements: Various natural mineral substances are set out which
provide body with necessary microelements and improve every organs to grow
healthy. 4. Energizes water with small molecular clusters structure: With
strong osmosis, diffusibility and oxygen-affinity, the energized water
bringing nutrient and more oxygen is easily absorbed into the body cells, and
easily takes the waste and toxins from our body cells. It quite improves
metabolism. Interior of stick- tourmaline stone,maifanshi-stone,far infrared
stone,namo silver powder,Calcium ion,€ Stone

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