4 Fruit Leather Silicone Dehydrator Sheets with EDGES - NON-Toxic for Nesco Round Dehydrators Lip Mold Hold Batter Liquids Fruit Roll Up Fruit Leather Circle ReUsable Flexible Non Stick

$ 19.99

  • 4 Sheets have 1/4" Edge / Lip to Hold in Liquids - Fits ALL Nesco Models of Round and Square Dehydrators
  • 100% Food Grade Silicone - NON-Toxic - No Toxic Plastic, No Toxic Teflon to Leach into your Food!
  • 12.5" Diameter with 3" Center Hole - Edges on the sheet hold liquid batter on the sheet - NO Spill!
  • Great for Dehydrating Anything! Liquids, Small Herbs, Spices and More!
  • Non- Stick , Easy to Clean, Dishwasher Safe,

Size:4 Edge Bright Kitchen EDGE Silicone Circle Dehydrator Sheets Fit ALL
Nesco Models of Round and Square Dehydrators 1/4" Raised Edges hold in liquids
and soft batters - NO Spill! 100% Food Grade Silicone - NON-Toxic - No
Plastic, No Teflon! Teflon and Plastic are unhealthy and should not touch your
food! Bright Kitchen Sheets are 100% Non-Toxic Food Grade Silicone for Healthy
Dehydrating! Solid Silicone Circle Sheet holds all types of food, liquids and
soft batters in place while you dehydrate. A must-add to your dehydrator that
only has a large mesh plastic trays - that let things fall through!12.5"
Diameter with 3" Center HoleGreat for Dehydrating Anything! Liquids, Fruit
Leather, Jerky, Flax Crackers, Seed Crusts, Small Herbs, Spices and More!100%
Food Grade Silicone - NON-Toxic - No Plastic, No Teflon!Non- Stick , Easy to
Clean, Dishwasher Safe, 4 Pack of Sheets! For making Fruit Roll Up, Fruit
Leather, Circle Shape, ReUsable, Flexible Non Stick. Making Fruit Rollups is
easy- Just blend up your favorite fruit and pour the blended fruit into these
Edge Sheets and start the dedydrator!! Healthy Snack Time! Tips for Use: These
Sheets are a solid surface to allow dehydrating of liquid and gooey materials
that would fall through the standard mesh sheets - please be aware that the
solid sheets will direct the airflow differently than the standard mesh trays
so the drying times may be different than without the sheets. Drying times
will vary depending on the model of your dehydrator, how many trays your
dehydrator has and how many solid sheets you are using. Please monitor the
drying progress closely to ensure proper drying times with your unique
dehydrator setup. Trays on the top of the dehydrator may dry at a different
rate than lower levels.

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