5 Stainless Steel Drinking Straws + Cleaner USA SHIP Reusable Metal Coco Straw

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5 qty Stainless Steel Drinking Straws + Cleaner Brush

**Top Selling CocoStraw Brand **

USA SELLER! most other straw sellers are overseas and you will wait 15-25 days for your product with no tracking! We ship all items with tracking # and delivery confirmation from California, USA!

Our Straws are BETTER! why? because they are WIDER diameter and THICKER stainless steel! compare to other sellers who have thin walled, unpolished straws. Ours clean easier and allow you drink even the thickest smoothies!

CLEANING BRUSH INCLUDED! heavy duty bristles thoroughly clean the inside of the straw. the brush washes clean and is also reusable for many many uses.

Reduce your plastic footprint with our Eco Friendly Reusable Metal Straws.

Stainless Steel is easy to clean and won't rust or tarnish.

Dishwasher Safe!

Save $ - you'll never need to buy plastic straws again. the average household uses hundreds of straws per years. these straws will last many many years.

6mm diameter .5mm thickness 8.5" length with bent neck

Great for Gifts

Wide diameter straws for even very thick drinks and smoothies.

Extra thick construction - very durable and high quality. not a cheap import straw.

Great for all types of drinks, drink, stir, for smoothies, coconut water, fresh juices, soda, water, and more!

Stylish Bend and threads similar to a plastic bendy straw, but made with 100% food grade stainless steel for years and years of use. Washable, re-usable,

Eco-Friendly! great for the environment. Plastic straws are one of the top polluters of oceans and beaches around the world. Plastic straws are almost never recycled. You will never need to buy plastic straws again.

These are the same RSVP Endurance straws that Oprah loves so much and talks about! Her favorite reusable straws!

A great companion for our CocoDrill Coconut Opener Tool - open young fresh coconuts and use our straws to drink the coco water inside - see our other auctions for the CocoDrill Tool and packages of multiple straws!

Reduce your plastic footprint - Millions & millions of plastic straws get thrown away each year after only ONE USE! According to the Ocean Conservatory's recent study Plastic straws are the most prolific debris item on US beaches amounting to 27.5% of all marine debris! Now we can all do our part and save some straws! Not mention save you $ in the long run.

Many Uses:

Young Coconuts



Raw Soups

Water Bottles


Keep Some in the Car

Great for the Whole Family

Kid Friendly - FUN!

Use again and again

No More buying Plastic Straws!

NON TOXIC - what's in the plastic straws you buy?

Eco Friendly

Stainless Steel


Dishwasher Safe

Durable, Unbreakable

Great for On The Go

Perfect companion to the CocoDrill !

Straw Cleaner Brush Included