SproutStacker 2 Level Automatic Sprouter Machine by Bright Kitchen Automated Heated Seed Growing Sprouting Machine

$ 149.95

  • Fully Automatic Sprouter Machine - Set & Forget - EASY! Grow Limitless varieties of Organic Fresh Food in your Kitchen!
  • 2 Extra Large Levels of growing with 8 individual trays. Inserts for super small & Large seeds including Wheatgrass
  • Grow a continuous crop of sprouts- NEVER run out, Fresh Food Forever
  • Heated watering system simulated warm spring rain to stimulate and speed up growth.
  • EASY drain/fill system to change the water without taking the machine apart or removing the sprouting barrels !!

The Amazing Sprout Stacker by Bright Kitchen is the best automatic sprouting machine anywhere- bringing fresh nutritious food to your kitchen year-round. Forget farm to table, this is Countertop to Table! It doesn't get any fresher.
Just add seeds & water and the Sprout Stacker does all the rest! Plug in the machine and you will have fresh organically grown sprouts in 4-7 days. No fertilizers, no chemicals, no additives, no special lighting, just fresh water and natural seeds.
Effortlessly grow any type of seed : alfalfa, clover, broccoli, wheatgrass, beans, kale, micro greens + more!
Stop paying high prices for sprouts at the supermarket, grow an endless supply at home for pennies. Healthy Food doesn't have to be expensive, grow your own & SAVE.
The Sprout Stacker is SIMPLE to use, the machine automatically waters & rinses the sprouts intermittently throughout the day to keep the seeds wet & clean. Other Manual Sprouters require a lot of effort by the user, you need to continuously rinse the seeds multiple times per day- if you forget, the seeds will mold and be ruined. NOT with the Sprout Stacker, you can Set & Forget!

-2 LARGE Levels of growing area included, other spouters have only 1 level or charge extra for second level
-Automated Heated Watering System keeps your sprouts rinsed and watered day & night effortlessly with warm "spring temperature rain"
-8 growing trays for all sizes of seeds large & super small - Each tray is removable so you can harvest a portion while other seeds keep growing.
-Wheatgrass Ready - no need for a specialized wheatgrass grower, you can grow simultaneously with your other sprouts
-The only sprouter with "Easy water changing system " speeds up draining water & filling in fresh water without disassembling the machine. Other machines require taking the machine apart to drain/refill, time consuming & messy!
Dishwasher Safe Part. BPA-Free construction