Dehydrator Circle Crust Mold Silicone Mat for Excalibur Dehydrators 14" x 14"

$ 10.99

  • SILICONE NON STICK 14" x 14" Flexible Circle Molds for Dehydrating and Baking Mat Uses. For use in Excalibur Dehydrator and Ovens - Heat Resistant and Cold Resistant
  • Deep mold makes perfect circle pizza tortilla crusts every time! Impress your Guests :)
  • Perfect for Raw Pizza crusts, Flax crusts, raw coconut wraps, raw tortilla, Giant Cookies, Raw Pies and more! Simply pour in your batter and let the Bright Kitchen Crust Mold & your dehydrator do the work!
  • 100% FDA FOOD GRADE SILICONE . BPA Free, Non-Toxic Silicone, NON-Teflon! No Need for oils or sprays with these NON-Stick Mats
  • Each Crust Mold makes 4 perfect circles - 6.5" diameter each crust, 5/16" depth EXACT SIZE - to Fit Excalibur 9 tray & 5 Tray dehydrators. 14" x 14" dimensions - The exact size of the Excalibur Dehydrator Trays WASHABLE - Dishwasher Safe, Easily Hand Rinse with Soap and Water, Reusable Over and Over.

Bright Kitchen Dehydrator Molds take your raw food prep to the next level! The Crust Mold creates 4 perfect circular crusts that are 6.5" diameter each. The mold is 5/16" deep to accommodate both thin and thick crust styles.

The Mold is 100% Non-Toxic Food Grade Silicone - NON-STICK! (They are NOT made of Teflon so your family is safe from PTFE residue.)

Crusts dry quickly and pop out easily because the sheets are non-stick.

Great to form Raw Pizza Crusts, Flax Chips, Cookies, Pie crusts, any other dough or semi liquid recipe, -- washable, reusable over and over again!

The mold is dishwasher safe and cleans easily. Thick sturdy silicone construction will hold up for years of crust goodness!

Add some class to your parties with the perfect circle Bright Kitchen Dehydrator Mold! -


Also available from Bright Kitchen: Triangle Tortilla Chips Mold, Square Baking Sheet Mold, Flat Drying Sheets, Cookie Mold Sheets, and more.

Temperature resistant to 425 degrees F / and cold resistant to -40 degrees F

Bright Kitchen brand modern Forest Green Color

Can also be used for baking in the oven!

flexible, will not break, crack or crease.

BPA Free, Non-Toxic Silicone, NON-Teflon!

Easy To Clean, simply rinse with warm water and they wash clean immediately, Quickly Air Dries Healthier Option than poisonous Teflon, these SILICONE sheets are 100% Silicone, Non-Toxic material. NO other materials are used, some other "silicone" mats are only silicone coated, with other materials inside.

14" x 14" dimensions - Perfectly Fits Excalibur 9 tray & 5 Tray Food Dehydrators - the Bright Kitchen Sheets sit snugly on the dehydrator tray and will not slide around or shift

Fits All Excalibur 5 Tray & 9 Tray Models with 14" trays.

Including: 2900, 3900, 3926, 3926TCDB, D900, D900CDSHD, D900SHD, 2500, 3500, 3526T, 3526TCDB, D500, D500SHD. Can also be used with Tribest Sedona Machine.

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