Dehydrator Edge Sheets - 14" x 14" fits Excalibur - Fruit Rollup Batter Mold With Lip

$ 22.99

Set of 3 - 14" x 14" Silicone Sheets for Excalibur Dehydrator Bright Kitchen Re-Usable Non-Stick Mat


  • Silicone Sheets have a ridge edge around the border to keep ingredients and liquid batters from running off the sheet! Edges are 1/4" deep.
  • With regular flat sheets semi liquid batters for rollups or chips will run off the edges, or it means you do not spread the batter all the way to the edges, wasting precious dehydrator space
  • 100% food grade NON TOXIC Silicone durable construction
  • Dishwasher Safe -Reusable over and over. These sheets clean easy with warm water and a sponge as well because they are non -stick
  • NON STICK - the dried food peels right off of these sheets for super easy drying!

PACK OF 3 "EDGE" sheets.


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