DIY Mason Jar To-Go Cup Grommet

$ 4.99

Easily turn any metal or plastic topped jar into a "To-Go" cup!  Simply drill a hole in the lid and insert one of these rubber grommets to make a perfect seal for our bend and straight CocoStraws! Works great with Mason Jars, Ball Jars, reusable jars with plastic lids, pickle jars and more!

The rubber grommet makes a tight seal but still allows the straw to be pulled out for cleaning. 

2 Sizes Available:

SMALL - 1/4" Grommet for bend straws:  outside diameter: 1/2" (drill hole size)   -  inside diameter: 1/4" (straw size)

LARGE - 5/16" Grommet for straight straws:  outside diameter: 5/8" (drill hole size)  - inside diameter: 5/16" (straw hole size)

Please choose the correct size above for your needs- Please note: The CocoStraw bend style and straight style have different diameters, you will need the proper size for the best fit.

Package includes 6 Rubber Grommets only- No straws, No metal Lids, No Jars are included. 

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