Nano Alkaline Energy Ionizer Filter Flask Water Bottle Blue Cup Booster Energy Cup

$ 14.99

  • Increase pH level generally 1.0 to 2.0 level increases
  • Produces low negative ORP (generally 200mv)
  • Makes approximately 2.1 Pints (.5L)
  • The Energy Flask is portable, attractive, reusable and convenient for travel, camping or everyday use
  • Drinking water: taste as sweet as spring water.

Light in weight and convenient to carry on, enjoy health energy water wherever and whenever; it's the best gift for you and your friends.  Stylish Blue Color. Stainless Steel Construction. Alkaline pH raising filter is removable and easy to replace when needed. The filter can make up to 500 gallons of Alkaline water!  Save literally hundreds of $$ by making your own Alkaline water instead of buying overpriced bottled water at the store. Eco Friendly alternative to bottled water. This makes 500 gallons so thats a LOT of plastic water bottles that did not get used and thrown away because YOU were responsible and used this reusable bottle!  Simply fill the bottle with water and let the bottle do the rest.  The included filter adds pH raising minerals to enhance the quality and taste of your water, wherever you are!

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