Nut Milk Bag Strainer for Raw Foods, Fine Mesh, 1 Gallon Size - Juicing, Canning, Sprouting and More!

$ 5.99 $ 12.99

  • Great for straining Raw Nut Milks, Sprouting, Juicing, Jams, Jellies
  • Elastic Band allows the bag to be hung from a container, pitcher or blender carafe - easy hands free use! Re-Usable Over and Over!
  • Nylon material washes clean every time and won't get moldy- safe, hygienic food safety
  • *** Includes Raw Nut Milk recipe and instructions*** Heavy Duty- use it over and over!
  • Extra Large Size- 1 GALLON ! perfect for any size container

Washable, Re-Usable Mesh Nut Milk Bag! Great for straining Raw Nut Milks, Juicing, Sprouting, Jellies and Jams and more! --- Washable, Durable, can be used over and over again! -- Elastic band around the mouth of the bag allows it to be hung inside container for easy use - -- such as suspending it in a tall pitcher or blender while you pour your liquid through -- much easier to handle than a bag with a drawstring!! Nylon material washes clean every time and will not harbor bacteria, fungus, mold.Safe, Easy to Use, start making Raw Mylks today! -- a great compliment to a masticating juicer - strain your fresh raw juices for extra pulp free yumminess -  The bag is 11" wide x 13" tall - XL size!

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