Nut Milk Strainer Bag - Elastic Top

$ 4.99

Nylon Strainer Bag for making Raw Nut Milks, Straining Juices, Nut Cheeses and Sprouting seeds!

1 Gallon Size

Nylon Construction does not rot or promote the growth of bacteria or mold

Elastic top holds the bag securely to the top of a blender or other container for easy use

Washes clean easily every time!

Durable- holds up to the most rigorous squeezing day after day!

Fine mesh easily strains all types of juices and mylks!


Here's a Video on how easy it is to use- straining pulp from fresh veggie juice!


Place 1 cup nuts in high speed blender

add 2 to 3 cups of pure filtered water

blend for 45 seconds in high speed blender, or 90 seconds in regular blender

add two dates (pitted) if you want it sweetened

blend again for 1 minute (high speed blender) or 2 minutes (regular blender)

place the bag in a large bowl, pour in your mixture, and strain off the pulp, by gently squeezing the bag over the bowl, the liquid is the milk, and will stay at the bottom of the bowl, the fiber of the nuts will stay in the bag, and can be dehydrated and used in your food preparation, or you can mix it with fresh fruit, and eat it much like a porrage, or add to nut loaf, or anything you can think of.

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