Quantum Nano Energy Alkaline Ph Enhancer Flask Ionizer

$ 18.99

  • alkaline water filter flask
  • make alkaline water anywhere anytime!
  • replaceable filter is easy to change when needed
  • stylish stainless steel bottle

Need alkaline water? Then buy the best flask here from Bright Kitchen!  This Alkaline flask adds alkaline minerals to boost the pH of any water. Just add water and let the bottle do the rest. Alkaline Water anytime, anywhere!  The bottle has a replaceable filter that can be easily changed when needed. The filter lasts for up to 500 gallons!  Save a TON of $ compared to buying overpriced bottled alkaline water. Literally save hundreds of dollars  making your own high pH water at home. 

Eco - Friendly alternative to bottled water. The filter can last up to 500 gallons, that a LOT of plastic water bottles that didn't get used and thrown away because YOU were using THIS reusable flask instead!! 

 Lid screws on tightly for on the go use. Durable bottle is made from Stainless Steel. The filter is also stainless steel. 

A Black carrying case is included to keep your bottle looking great and easily transportable for use in the gym, in the car, or on the trail. 

Please see photos for details on the how this flask works on the inside. 

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