Raw Organic Nori Sheets 200 qty Pack + CocoDrill Coconut Opener Tool -- Certified Vegan, Raw, Kosher Sushi Wrap Papers - Premium Unheated, Un Cooked, untoasted, dried - RAWFOOD

$ 75.99 $ 105.99

  • Certified Raw - dried at under 85 degrees Fahrenheit - UnCooked, UnHeated
  • Certified Organic by EcoCert & USDA - along with our Organic Certification our factory also tests daily for pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, radiation, and other contaminants
  • CocoDrill Coconut Opener Tool Safely and Easily Opens Young Coconuts- Makes a large hole in top to insert a straw! Drink RAW FRESH coco Water!
  • Certified Kosher- 50 sheets per pack -4 packs included. Zip Top resealable package! - BEST tasting Nori Sheets anywhere
  • SUPERFOOD nutrition! Packed with multiple vitamins & minerals- A,B6,B12,C, Iron, High in Protein, Low Fat, High Fiber

200 qty Nori sheets + 1qty CocoDrill Coconut Opener tool - COMBO PACK! --- famously known for its role as a sushi wrapper. Nori contains almost 50% protein - the highest of any seaweed - along with an exceptionally dense quantity of valuable minerals and phytonutrients. Our Nori Sheets are simply raw (nori) algal fronds pressed into traditional paper-thin sheets, ready to be enjoyed in all kinds of savory cuisine. Deliciously full of umami flavor, nori is enjoyed in wraps, soups, salads, rice. Our nori is rinsed, chopped, pressed, and dried naturally at a temperature that does not exceed 85F. Our nori sheets are hand-selected for top-grade quality and flavor,sustainably harvested and are certified organic, vegan, Kosher and raw.---The CocoDrill is easy to use! Just push into the top of the coconut, twist, and VIOLA! an extra large hole is made in the top so you can insert a straw and drink - Straight from the source, raw, fresh, as nature intended. CocoDrill is easy and safe to use, works like a charm! -- pre packaged coconut water is not fresh! it has been pasteurized, cooked! Use the CocoDrill for fresh snacks on the go, also makes a great gift- a MUST have for any healthy raw food households! --In addition to our EcoCert/ USDA Organic Certification, we also test for 450 potential contaminants, pesticide residues & heavy metals, as well as 16 different Isotopes of Radiation. Our sheets come out 100% "Non Detectable" in every single category.--Our Nori was not affected by the Japan earthquake disaster-Our growing site is no where near the disaster and affected areas and is tested daily for radiation to ensure your safety. The USDA/Ecocert Organic designation is not be possible for companies growing in an affected area. To be certifed Organic, the growing site must have passed inspections for at least 3 years ongoing prior to certification. Nori contains 12 kinds of vitamins including group A, B, E, K vitamins. -----

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