Red-C Coconut Opener Knife Tool for Opening Young Coco Water Tap

$ 6.99 $ 12.99

  • The RedC Coconut Opener is Simple & Easy to use- A Safe way to tap into Young Coconuts
  • Drink FRESH, RAW Coco Water direct from the source- no more packaged coconut water!
  • High Quality Stainless Steel Construction - Never gets dull! Ready to open coconut after coconut! SAFE to use- no more hacking into coconuts with a machete!
  • Protective cap has built in cleaning tool for removing coconut husk.
  • Makes a perfect hole for a straw - only takes a couple of seconds to make the hole!

The RedC brand coconut opener is a top quality Stainless Steel kitchen utensil used for tapping into fresh young thai coconuts. This "knife" punches a a hole in the top of the coconut shell that you can then put a straw in to drink the water direct from the source! Just as nature intended it. You can also pour out the water into another container for use in recipes and smoothies. Simple, Easy to Use, - SAFE! stop swinging dangerous sharp knives at your coconuts to get inside, instead simply push this tool in the top of the coconut and you are ready to drink! - -- to use, simply push RedC tool into the top of the coconut, and twist back and forth while applying downward pressure, -------start experiencing the health benefits of fresh, raw coconut water. Most packaged coconut water has been pasteurized - that means cooked! the heating kills off the beneficial enzymes and nutrients. The only way to get the true health benefits of coconut water is to drink it raw, fresh from the sealed coconut. ----- SUPER HYDRATING! ----- buy coconuts in bulk at your local market and save $$ compared to expensive bottled cocowater - and real coconuts are packaged in a bio-degradable package (husk!) less waste for landfills. --- this gadget makes a great gift & stocking stuffer for all health conscious people! -- take it on the go for a healthy snack wherever you are. -----

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