Replacement Filter for Alkaline Flask - Original Portable Hydrogen Ph - Alkaline Steel Bottle - Water Cartridge

$ 5.97

  • These filters are made all manufactured in Asia and no seller. has anything special.
  • Life Span for this Filter is dependent on usage and hardness of the water filtered.
  • These fit all alkaline water flask
  • These are common and not from a specific vendor.

The nanometer Energy cup filter can change the common purified water into
nanometer activated water by the activation of Pearl calcium ion and Energy
stone, which can release far infrared ray and negative ion, thereby causing
the syntony of water molecules, releasing mineral element (such as Ca, Mg , K,
Ca ), and changing the common purified water into nanometer activated water.
The nanometer activated water is made up of macromolecules group, with
negative potential & alkalescence, It has strong penetrability and solubility;
it can elimininate the excrescent free radical, detoxicate the alcohol &
tobacco, and improve the nutrient absorption, metabolism & immunity. If you
drink it for long term, it can resist oxidation, delay senility, prevent and
dissolve kinds of calculus in your body liminate the dysporia, cure the high
blood pressure and gastritis. The nanometer activated water is the water of
health, which can increase the physiological behaviors, build up your health,
and improve the quality of your life. This filter element can handle 2000 ~
5000litres, according to individual daily use (2000mL water consumption and
the frequency calculation,) about drinking for 2 years. Again, the water
hardness will determine the life of the filter.

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