Stainless Steel Grande Replacement Straw Cold Cup To-Go Reusable Drink Straws Non-Plastic "Green" Eco Friendly CocoStraw Brand

$ 5.99

  • CocoStraw Brand Fits Grande size Cold TO Go cups ! direct replacement size for plastic straw that came with the cup at the Coffee Shop - 8.5" length x 5/16 wide width
  • Eco-Friendly- use over and over again! - won't break, even if you drop it or step on it!
  • Easy to clean - dishwasher safe - Includes Cleaning Brush!
  • Has ridge on the end of the straw so it won't slide out of the lid, just like the Green Plastic Straw that came with your cup does.
  • Elegant polished Stainless Steel - classy- great for gifts! BPA free - Stainless Steel FDA foodsafe material construction

CocoStraw Brand Stainless Steel Replacement Straw for Grande Sized Cold To Go travel cups - same size as the Coffee Shop Grande cold-togo cup original straw! Fits perfectly in the Lid of to go cups and other travel style cold cups. wide straw for ice blended drinks, frappuccino and smoothies. -- Easy to clean - with our CocoStraw straw cleaning brush, or just put it in the dishwasher - it's Dishwasher SAFE! -- Eco Friendly- GO GREEN! - no more plastic straws wasted and in the landfill or worse, floating in the ocean! ---Elegant polished stainless steel with class up your to -go! everyone will be jealous of your new style and best of all you are saving $ since this straw will last forever! it won't break if you drop it or step on it like a plastic one would. -- The straw is 8.5" tall and approx 8mm wide. - wider than a standard drinking straw, the same width as the green plastic cold to go straws you get at the Coffee Shop. this straw will fit Grande and Tall size mugs. --- The straw has a ridge on the bottom of the straw to prevent the straw from coming out of the lid- no more lost straws! --- Great for all insulated acrylic, plastic coffee cups for blended drinks, frappuccino, iced coffee, and more! --- reusable - over and over and over again :) -- makes a great stirrer too! -- of course, this straw will work great in all cups, not just to-go style! Includes 10 Smoothie Recipes on Package

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